This site will most likely appeal to those who are hungering and thirsting for a message that carries the soul beyond the familiar words, ”God loves you!” If you have the desire to chew on thoughts, ideas, and insights that are unfamiliar to the ear, then you might hear something unusual as you investigate this site.

The word theology is linked to ‘the study of things divine.’ It is a word that is often preceded by a descriptive adjective such as: Jewish theology; Feminist theology; Process theology; Eco-theology, etc. The various adjectives describe different lenses through which ‘the study of the divine’ is filtered. Prismatic theology is one such lens. It is perhaps the oldest, uncluttered, form of theological thinking known to humankind.

The prismatic lens returns the human mind to an earlier garden where the study of things divine relied exclusively on light, color and images of nature. The prismatic perspective begins with the understanding that the biblical account of Creation in Genesis I follows the color order of the visible spectrum of light.

In a world where human words often cause deep divisions, and sacred texts are a source of much debate, who can deny that the human spirit might be refreshed by a theological discussion based on light, color and images of nature? This web site is devoted to such a discussion. Regardless of one’s faith tradition, or the lack thereof, this site invites the visitor to linger for awhile; ponder the information imparted; engage in dialogue; and return often.